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Street-Level: Miami Remix

29 NE 42nd street ian's house remix


 Multimedia artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez projected her mobile city-specific installation Miami Remix in different locations around Buena Vista and Wynwood during the weekend of Art Basel.

Miami Remix, a trance film composed of whirling kaleidoscopic mandalas created from hand-drawn and hand-scratched film images of local Miami landscapes, originally made its public debut in 2011 at the main branch of the Miami Beach Public Library, and has been streaming on Youtube for online audiences for over a year. But this year, during Art Basel, the piece will finally come out of its digital closet and take to the streets of the city that inspired it.

Miami Remix will be projected onto the façades of two homes in Buena Vista: On Friday evening from 6-9PM at the home of Todd Kessler and Rosa Lowinger at 29 NE 42nd Street, exactly one block North of the De la Cruz Collection; and on Saturday night from 6-9 the piece will be projected onto the façade of neighboring 46 NE 43rd Street, exactly two blocks North of De la Cruz, at the home of landscape designer Ian Simpkins. Each projection will be a different experience, as the piece adapts itself to its projection space. The intent of these street-level installations is to allow fast and easy drive-by access to the work for neighborhood residents as well as for international art scouts who happen to be out driving around Buena Vista looking for parking.

Having the work in the street instead of a gallery means a lot to me. I want to engage neighborhood people, folks driving by, Miami people, homeless people, tourists, folks just getting home from work. I want to engage neighbors who are out walking their dogs. I want to engage the dogs, too.

The culmination and largest installation of this year’s Miami tour of the piece will take place at Inkub8, a fabulous experimental multimedia performance space located at 2021 NW 1st Place in the heart of Wynwood, on Saturday from 7-9PM. There, the piece will be presented in a much more formal setting on multiple screens, and at a scale large enough for audiences to fully appreciate the details and nuances of each image, as well as the kinetic magnitude of the entire work.  

Miami Remix is my expression of gratitude to Miami for the psychedelic expansion that it has inspired in me. The piece is an 11-minute-long loop (11:11) of endlessly swirling morphing mandalas inspired in Miami’s ecosystems. The concept is the reduction of each of these images to the molecular, pre-conscious level so that we can see and hopefully experience, for fleeting instants, the frequency of energetic vibration that each image releases, and especially the energy released by the continuous morphing from one image into another. For every viewer, the piece will represent a different set of images, frequencies and vibrations, as each will probably only experience a very personal and specific few seconds of the total work. That’s fine and as it should be. As an artist, i would be bored to tears to have a bunch of people just standing in front of the work looking at it from beginning to end. i want it to get inside people’s subliminal aural field and move through them. The whole act can and should be mostly subconscious.

What:      Miami Remix Street Installations
When:     Friday and Saturday December 7 and 8: 6-9 PM
Where:    Friday at 29 NE 42nd Street
                 Saturday at 46 NE 43rd Street
What:     Miami Remix at Inkub8
When:    Saturday December 8: 7-9PM
Where:   Inkub8 2021 NW 1st PL Wynwood