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Coming soon to haunt a café near YOU!

Premiering at the Miami Beach Cinematheque Café

1130 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

December 1-4, 2011

Opening Reception December 2nd 7-10PM

Created by Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez.  Starring Anita Ponton.  Special thanks to Kevin McLeod for royalty-free music used in the film trailer.

This project uses fleeting multiple projections to create an environment into which the viewer is unwittingly immersed while sitting at a café in any city in the world.  It is as if the café is haunted by the central character.

Projected images will appear intermittently on varying surfaces, tables and walls, to form a fragmented narrative conveying the story of a woman trapped inside the ruins of a timeless place who haunts this café with her bizarre perceptions regarding the outside world and her notions of what might be going on here.

So, for example, a couple sitting at a table will notice a fleeting projection of the woman against a wall opposite their table. Another couple may spot her directly on the table that they are sitting at, gazing up at them. The projections will be timed to rhythmically appear and disappear in such a way as to tell the story in fragments, and to create a spontaneous, collective experience that is at once comic and eerie, intimate and public.

The footage for this work has already been shot in 8mm film format on location in Spain, and features London-based performance artist Anita Ponton, known for her experimental feminist video and performance works. The work will also incorporate snippets of found footage that is hand-colored, painted and scratched to create a puzzle-like narrative told by ghostly images appearing in random fragments throughout the café.

Donate to this project

Your contribution to this project will cover travel expenses to tour RUINS around the world.  The first city to present this project will be Miami, with installations following in Dhakka, Calcutta, London, Buenos Aires, and Madrid.  Other cities where venues are being investigated include: New Haven, Columbus, Oakland.

Please drop me a line if you know of a venue in any city that would be interested in presenting this project.

Visit the blog for this project:  RUINS-cafe-tour.blogspot.com