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Migrants/Migrantes is a multimedia installation inside of a shipping container.  Addressing the concepts of migration, ancestral roots, indigeneity, and hybridity, this work consists of a laboratory-like space inside a shipping container in which specimens of plants, along with snippets of vintage film frames from ethnographic documentaries, are exhibited in petri dishes precariously balanced on drinking glasses and illuminated from below.  An adjacent room features a video projection of a 16mm film featuring some of the footage contained in the petri dishes, and a collection of glass orbs in which tropical plant cuttings attempt to regrow new roots aided by string lights.  The floor in this projection space is strewn with fresh plumeria, infusing the space with a heady fragrance as well as a meditative mood.  A celluloid film curtain provides live sound effects as it gently hits the metal container wall making a sound much like the sound of raindrops hitting a tin roof.  Additional sound is provided by the film soundtrack as well as an ambient recording created by sound designer Steven Rosenthal.  This dynamic installation was open to the public in the Kaka’ako Arts District in Honolulu, Hawaii for five weeks and evolved daily due to daily changes in the living and organic plant matter.