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Agua Florida: Free-Swimming Fish

SoBay Cultural Arts Festival *  February 18, 2012/7PM * Deering Estate * 16701 SW 72nd Ave.  Miami, FL

This work addresses the history, energy and ecological importance of Florida’s waterways and the Everglades in particular via references to historical and supernatural anecdotes associated with the wetlands around the Deering Estate, a spot where ancient voices still linger over the landscape.  This project is created in celebration of the restoration project currently underway at Deering that is restoring the natural slew on the property to its original form.

Using historical imagery from the Estate’s archives as well as the Florida Memory Project, the artist constructed a multimedia installation presented in both the exterior and interior areas of the Estate.  This installation included three video projections and five 16mm projections outdoors onto the tree trunks in the Mango Grove, as well as a collection of light-boxes showcasing the actual 16mm film strips, presented in the kitchen of the Richmond Cottage; the third component of the installation consists of two giant transparency film strips exhibited in the windows of the late Mrs. Deering’s bedroom inside the Stone House.