film/video, 2013 (10:10) featuring Lucia Aratanha and Niurca Márquez

mujer_cita_MIA will be on view at:

“Global Caribbean V” an Art Basel Special Event

Little Haiti Cultural Center, 219 NE 59th Terrace, Miami

Opening reception: Friday, December 6, 2013 from 10am – 12Noon

In tandem with the opening of this exhibition, the work will also make its online premiere

so that male viewers and viewers outside of Miami may see it.

The piece is also currently on view in the co-ed rest room at:

Girls’ Club Collection 117 NE 2nd Street Ft Lauderdale

November 10, 2013 thru September 26, 2014


mujer_cita_MIA is a series of video interventions installed in women’s rest rooms in
diverse sites across Miami. The work’s subtext addresses rape, domestic abuse, and
systemic social violence against women, within the cultural context of Miami vis-àvis
the world at large. The piece further engages contemporary feminist discourse
via an active social media component that harnesses the power and reach of the
global feminist community online. @mujer_cita_MIA tweets daily, posts regularly on
facebook, and maintains an interactive blog at

Why… The Ladies’ Room?

The Ladies’ Room is that ironic place of utmost privacy in public. It is a place where
fleeting intimacy occurs between random strangers as we wash our hands and
apply lipstick in a mirror together, greet each other politely, make small talk, and
wish each other a nice day, having just taken care of other, more delicate, personal
matters. Imagine if, as we do this, we are surprised by the presence of a video art
piece on the wall, layered with references to issues that plague all women and can
never be discussed in public places.

mujer_cita_MIA exposes our strength, telling
our stories of rape, abuse and survival through the abstract, universal language of
dance. mujer_cita_MIA seeks to make a subliminal commentary on society from the
perspective of a female Caribbean Latina immigrant in Miami, along with others
who enter into the dialogue online. The artist’s conversations with women in Miami
and all over the world are the basis for this city-wide public art intervention project.

To see the full work online visit:

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