R u i n a s Dec03

R u i n a s

A 7-channel thriller created in collaboration with Anita Ponton. Premiering...

mis amores Dec03

mis amores

Ancestry, earth, song, dance, image… with Yoslainy Pérez Derrick and Niurca...

Urdimbre y Trama

Created in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Niurca Márquez, this short film is made from digitized hand-processed 16mm celluloid footage and was presented in conjunction with Niurca’s performance piece by the same title. The film later went on to take on a life of its...


film/video, 2013 (10:10) featuring Lucia Aratanha and Niurca Márquez mujer_cita_MIA will be on view at: “Global Caribbean V” an Art Basel Special Event Little Haiti Cultural Center, 219 NE 59th Terrace, Miami Opening reception: Friday, December 6, 2013 from 10am – 12Noon In tandem...



A disjointed narrative that humorously explores the concept of sleepwalking and traveling through the terrain of the subconscious as well as the mystery of parallel realities.   Using hand-crafted 16mm found footage, this work features such legendary movie icons as Betty Boop and the...

Miami Remix Mar28

Miami Remix

An abstract trance film by Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez created from 16mm film footage originally shot at various outdoor locations across Miami as well as animated drawings depicting the subtropical landscape. The film footage is then hand-scratched, digitized and processed into a...



A music video depicting the plight of Earth Mother’s Daughter through the process of global overdevelopment via the use of found footage and psychedlic effects. Music by Fred Ho and the Green Monster Big Band. 2010, 05:14

elixir Feb07


The seventh movement of “female alchemy: a videosymphony in seven movements” this piece was created as part of a step-by-step guide to womanhood dedicated to the artist’s daughters and designed to explore, honor and celebrate the many phases, choices and transits that make...

Parlor Tricks Feb07

Parlor Tricks

A beautiful bride suffers from an existential crisis while fluttering inside and outside of her cage. Directed and edited by Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez, cinematography by Isabel Cuervo, with actress Om Daya and music by award-winning composer Gabriela Lena Frank. Filmed at the abandoned...

Sex Tabú Feb06

Sex Tabú

A look at the relationship between cartoons, childhood memories, advertising, and human sexuality, and the drive to attain a state of purity in spite of it. Music by Valerie Opielski. 2005, 02:13

Blondes Feb05


A graffitti remake of the classic Clairol hair dye ad from the 1960's using hand-scratching and hand-coloring techniques. This video was originally featured in the performance work Cabaret Unkempt by Jennylin Duany. 2006, 00:58

Global Medea Feb04

Global Medea

Using found footage, hand-scratched, painted and then digitized, the artist draws an analysis of the current crisis in communication, cross-cultural understanding, social mores and spiritual values under the influence of technology, mass media and globalization. Soundtrack by J Foster Peone....

Un nombre de Mujer Feb03

Un nombre de Mujer

An image embarks upon a journey of self-discovery in response to a mysterious phone call. This media collage features hand-crafted 16mm film combined with digital video, performances by famed Cuban actress Magaly Agüero and filmmaker Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez, and music by 1960’s Cuban...

l’anatomie du désir Feb02

l’anatomie du ...

A tribute to biophysical impulses, this 16mm assemblage of erotic images, scientific illustrations, and distressed footage presents an experiment in texture, psychological association and synchronicity. This piece exists in various versions wherein each one is synched to the soundtrack at a...

A Trilogy Feb01

A Trilogy

This stylistic 16mm film collage addresses balance between “feminine” and “masculine” forces and inner and outer realities. The work consists of three shorts and the animated sequences between them. Original score by Guillermo and Bobi Céspedes, Thierry Diallo, William R. Jack, Ustad Habib Khan and Auschim Chadhouri; animated drawings by Bárbara Safille.



“All the sex that we are having and not having in virtual reality…” A dreamscape in which distance, astral travel and communication technologies have modernized sexual love. Soundtrack by Ricardo Lastre. 06:45, 2007 Tweet

Cortejo Jan02


A visit to the cemetery unleashes the force of the feminine psyche in this surreal narrative starring Cuban actress and performance artist Magaly Agüero, and set to original score by Ken Field of the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble. 04:26,...