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I create experimental film, expanded cinema, installation, media design for stage, and public interventions. My process combines old and new technologies to produce layered imagery that triggers multiple layers of perception. Many of my projects include live projections onto objects, human bodies, or landscapes.

In my 16mm films, I often mark on appropriated images that have served as cultural icons, defacing and altering their meaning and create direct film animations by drawing, coloring, and scratching frame by frame upon celluloid. Exploiting tactics used in the advertising and film industry, I aim to affect audiences at the conscious and pre-conscious level by affecting the body’s electromagnetic energy. I achieve this by co-opting classic cinematic devices such as formulaic uses of light and sound, flashes of color, and the time-tested technique of embedding subliminal messages into single film frames.

My work in installation and media design for stage often incorporates elements of nature, outdoor spaces, and live performers. In my installation work I seek a relationship between light, transparency, and a projected experience that invites audiences to interact with the work. My influences include classic films, early animation, and vintage television commercials, and my themes include ancestral memory, the body, timelessness, and migration.

~ Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez, 2020